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Business ideas and plan

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Business ideas and plan

Ideas are the key of success. Plan is preparation of action. Ideas and different plan are applied to make the business successful. Our information helps foreign entrepreneurs how to start a business and different business ideas and plan. New foreign entrepreneurs and existing businessmen shall be beneficial knowing business ideas and plan of particular around 40 plus countries. It’s not easier to do business in other countries as nonresident, generate revenue and repatriate them. Rules of foreign direct investment, fdi, differ country to country. Business ideas and plan for small, medium and big industries have been discussed as country base.

Some key points should know the entrepreneurs as follows that have been discussed in detail at our individual site:

  • FDI law of the country
  • Income tax rate of the corporate
  • Cost of new business registration
  • Cost of office rental
  • Cost of living and charge of hotel accommodation
  • Cost of transport and food for individual
  • Salary of hiring foreign and local employees for experienced and/ or non experience
  • Place of business office
  • Current economy condition of the state
  • FDI inflow and major foreign investment sectors of the country
  • Current population of the country
  • Current GDP and area of geographically of the state
  • Major cities of the country and Tax Free Zone of the country
  • Present foreign employees’ number and visitors
  • Small business ideas and plan
  • Forecasting of foreign investment
  • Top / best name of the consultancy firms (country base)

And other information have been discussed that may necessary to know as businessmen. Data has been collected from World Bank and some popular journal upon recent updated information.

Small business ideas and plan

Starting a small business and big business ideas are different each other due to figure of capital, area of market and various plan. Small business owners look for set up shop, small investment restaurant, small office and minimum number of man power whereas setting and running big industry owners have multiple plan and ideas to gain revenue.