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Business ideas in Malaysia I Entrepreneurship

Our main objective of writing in business ideas in Malaysia helps the foreign entrepreneurs investing in right place. Good business ideas changes business life. Which business can be started in Malaysia? There are many business ideas in Malaysia that can useful to be started , for example, food supply, garments, tourism, student counseling, online marketing, hotel, IT and many more. Around 31,437,315 tourists visit in Malaysia per year. Foreign investment capital of year approximately is US$ 28,615,000 in Malaysia where around US$ 10,000 plus fdi inward is recorded per year.  Why investment in Malaysia? It’s a most attractive country of foreign investment within South Asian countries where GDP is .70 percent that shows the most developing economy rapidly. Business infrastructure is developed as investment friendly. Consideration investment ideas of foreign businessmen government policy has been applied to secure the venture. Electronics products manufactured from Malaysia is one of the popular goods in world. Know business information as more as possible before planning setup a new business as part of business ideas of Malaysia. Every day lots of foreign investors, tourists visit in Malaysia and the number of foreign manpower lives legally around 2 point eight zero million.

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Business plan in Malaysia

Are you planning to do business in Malaysia as foreigner? As business plan in Malaysia you need to find out the expert or consultant who can guide according to law. Finding out a place of business location, hiring right employees, know the office rent, cost of living, SWOT analysis, know competitors, utilize opportunity, solve any legal issue, expected cost of operate business for 3 to 6 months etc  plan should keep in mind.  Visiting physically before establishing business to know more information self is an important part to utilize your business plan in Malaysia. Do you need work permit or business visa? Do you need to rent an office? Do you need nominee directors? Hiring nominee directors from residing Malaysia is the most important to setup a new business. How to find the nominee directors? Nominee directors shall be holding position of the business by interest or without any interest to registering a new business in Malaysia as law, if you have a plan to skip RM 500,000 remittance.

How to Start a Business in Malaysia?

Making well planned about How to Start a Business is very important.

Business nature, tax structure, the right trade licenses, setting up to comply prior to apply for license and work visa are important to maintain a business. Which types of business entities right for you? Foreigners adopt the most common business entities given below:

Malaysian Sdn Bhd Company, Labuan International business, regional-representative office- you should communicate with the relevant authority of the head quarter located in Kuala Lumpur. Incorporation of Labuan International Company will be fully foreign owned without any Malaysian partner and you can get 2 years business visa for you and your family.

The foreigners need trade license wholesale, Retail Trade, WRT License in Malaysia to start a new business. Non-resident company can participate in retail, restaurant, import, export, restaurant, consultancy business and trading.

You can start a franchise business in Malaysia. It is low risk business indeed. You can setup your business and apply 2-years work permit under your own Malaysia Sdn Bhd company. You can be employed by Malaysian Company, Regional office in Malaysia and get 2 years work permit.

Investors are eligible to apply for business visa or work permit if remit an amount of RM 500,000 as foreigner. Alternate ways are two nominee directors have to be appointed who is local residing Malaysian getting permission of starting new business.